Connect Prodigio to a TradeKing Account

Here you will find step by step instructions on how to connect Prodigio to a TradeKing brokerage account. To connect Prodigio to a TradeKing brokerage account you must first obtain the following before proceeding:

  1. A funded TradeKing account - Open a TradeKing Account
  2. A Prodigio Gold or Platinum Subscription

NOTE: The steps below assume you currently have a Prodigio free trial or have taken a Prodigio free trial and you are now ready to upgrade.

Watch video or Download PDF Instructions

STEP 1 Log into your Prodigio account at
STEP 2 Once you have successfully logged into your Prodigio account, select the "Edit" tab.
STEP 3 Click on the Broker Information setting.
STEP 4 Scroll down, select the"Gold or Platinum Plan" and click on the "Change Subscription" ?button.
STEP 5 Process your payment for the monthly Gold or Platinum Subscription Plan. Once your payment is processed, you will be direct to a "Complete Checkout" Page. Select the "here" link in the second selection as shown below.
STEP 6 Select TradeKing from the Broker dropdown menu, enter your TradeKing Username in the Broker Username field, agree to the Broker Acknowledgement by checking the checkbox, and select the "Save" button.
STEP 7 Once you click on the "Save" button in the Step 6, you will be redirected to a TradeKing landing page where you will sign into your TradeKing account to begin validating & authorizing your TradeKing account.
STEP 8 Agree to the TradeKing API Agreement by checking the checkbox at the bottom of the page, and select the "Continue" button.
STEP 9 Authorize access to your account by selecting the blue "Authorize!" button.
STEP 10 Once you have authorized your account, your will be redirected to your Prodigio online account. Click on the "Save" button.

You're all set! All you need to do now is login to the Prodigio platform using your Prodigio credentials. A broker login window will be presented where you need to select from the dropdown menu either paperTrading or TradeKing. Select TradeKing in order to sign into your brokerage user at TradeKing. Click Next and I Agree. Close the broker login window and begin trading.

If you have any questions or require assistance, contact our customer service team at