The New TradeKing Prodigio!

Prodigio clients asked and we've delivered! We are pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with TradeKing, a top-ranked online broker. The new TradeKing-Prodigio platform will be ready for trading this October. The only way to take advantage of this powerful, new platform is to have an active account at TradeKing.
This technology partnership will benefit both TradeKing and Prodigio active clients.
  • TradeKing customers will be granted complete trading access to the acclaimed TradeKing-Prodigio trading platform, while seamlessly executing trades through TradeKing.

  • Prodigio users will maintain continued access to the high-performance Prodigio technology platform, fast order routing, and competitive pricing, while seamlessly executing trades through TradeKing.

  • Prodigio users will benefit from TradeKing's: Great Pricing, Great Service, Great platform offerings, all with No Minimum Account balance.

  • As an Extra Bonus for Prodigio clients, simply open and fund a new TradeKing account and receive this special low Stock rate 1 of $2.50 Per Trade! This is not a short-term promotional rate! Get Started Now!
TradeKing Rates
We're proud to share with you that we chose to join services with TradeKing for the added value they bring to our customers and the similarities TradeKing offers with their out-of-the box thinking and technology innovation. TradeKing offers knowledgeable, licensed, friendly customer service support that is quick and convenient. TradeKing is a powerful broker and is recognized as one of the fastest growing online brokers geared toward stock traders. We are sure TradeKing will deliver an amazing trading experience for you!
We look forward to welcoming everyone to TradeKing-Prodigio! Join us soon and enjoy incredible low rates for Prodigio customers using the TradeKing-Prodigio platform.
Sincerely, Sincerely,
Jim Bell Michael Coyle
Jim Bell Michael Coyle
Managing Partner/ Co-Founder Managing Partner/ Co-Founder
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1) Special Prodigio Pricing: $2.50 per equity trade for the first 60 calendar days. After the 60 calendar days pay just $4.50 per equity trade. The 60 calendar day period starts upon account opening. This promotion is available to new clients only. TradeKing can modify or discontinue this offer at anytime without notice. Other restrictions may apply. Please see TradeKing?s Commissions and Fees page for commissions on broker-assisted trades, low-priced stocks, and other securities.