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We're excited to announce that the new TradeKing Prodigio platform has been released for Live trading. Prodigio is ready for immediate Live access. The new TradeKing Prodigio platform offers the tools and features you want to help you discover and take action on new trading opportunities. With TradeKing's exceptionally low rates and Prodigio's powerful trading tools, you've got it all! Click Here to watch the Prodigio tour.
  • TradeVision - Real Time Technical and Fundamental stock screen that alows you to filter thousands of stocks in seconds

  • ActiveTrader - Combines Level II, Real Time Intraday Charts and Time & Sales into one panel

  • WizardLab - Easy to use Strategy Builder Technology

  • Charting - Powerful Charting and Technical Studies

  • Trade Execution - Experience Efficient and Seamless Trade Execution Control

  • Pivots - Analyze the Markets, Identify Key Trading Levels, Customizable Stock Watch Tools
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Are you ready to trade live? This great rate is available for Prodigio customers using the Tradking-Prodigio open your new account now to take advantage of this incredibly low introductory Stock rate1 of $2.50 Per Trade. Your long term Stock rate1 is $4.50 per trade for Prodigio customers using the TradeKing Prodigio platform. Get Started Now!
We look forward to welcoming everyone to TradeKing Prodigio! Join us soon and enjoy incredible low rates for Prodigio customers using the TradeKing Prodigio platform.
Sincerely, Sincerely,
Jim Bell Michael Coyle
Jim Bell Michael Coyle
Managing Partner/ Co-Founder Managing Partner/ Co-Founder
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1) Special Prodigio Pricing: $2.50 per equity trade for the first 60 calendar days. After the 60 calendar days pay just $4.50 per equity trade. The 60 calendar day period starts upon account opening. This promotion is available to new clients only. TradeKing can modify or discontinue this offer at anytime without notice. Other restrictions may apply. Please see TradeKing?s Commissions and Fees page for commissions on broker-assisted trades, low-priced stocks, and other securities.

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