About Us

mPower Trading Systems, LLC is based in Haverford, PA and is an independently owned technology company that offers a comprehensive suite of broker neutral, high-performance trading products to broker-dealer institutions, active traders, hedge funds, and proprietary trading firms. mPower's flagship product, Prodigio is "more than a trading platform" and an industry leader in trade-idea-generation featuring unique trading tools designed for active traders offering a truly revolutionary experience and a cutting edge approach to equity trading through its proprietary tools such as Wizard Lab and TradeVision and more.

mPower lives and breathes trading technology. We've got our finger on the pulse of the newest trading trends and technology, providing substantial depth in the planning, design, and optimization of new powerful trading tools, best practices, and market driven fresh technology solutions to ensure that our clients have complete real-time access to the best intelligence system to help make smarter decisions faster and remain on the forefront of this adventurous new world of trading.

mPower's Prodigio technology is broker neutral, giving clients a choice of brokerage firms and execution services with access to the benefits of multi-broker relationships, powerful trading tools, fast order routing, and competitive pricing.

We hope you enjoy Prodigio's unique trading experience.