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Check out the New and improved ActiveTrader

Order Book, Level II Market Data, and Depth of Market

Prodigio's ActiveTrader offers the most comprehensive level II quotes, time and sales, order entry, charting, P/L and more, all from one panel. At a glance see a display of all open market participant buy and sell orders and volume on the order book giving you detailed insight on price movement and market trends. Try it now for free.

Bollinger Bands and RSI Trading Strategy (Swing Trade - Long)

Building fully automated trading strategies using Prodigio's Wizard Lab is as easy as 1,2,3! This strategy will produce a signal when the daily close price crosses below the 20 period lower Bollinger Band AND the daily 14 period RSI is less than or equal to 25. Additionally there is a 1% stop order and a 3% target market order from the entry price.You can easily modify this strategy to meet your trading style.

Chart Pattern Recognition

An Engulfing Pattern indicates a bottom or top reversal and can easily be identified using Prodigio's TradeVision. TradeVision is a state-of-the-art, real-time technical and fundamental stock screener which allows you to filter thousands of stocks in seconds! Chart pattern recognition is one of many features that TradeVision offers; how does it do it in real-time?Try it out for yourself and we're sure you'll find trade ideas faster than you ever imagined!

Volume greater than the Average Volume by a 100 percent.

Volume spikes can be very important! This rule will trigger when the current bars volume is greater than the 14 period Average Volume by 100 percent on a 5 minute interval. You can easily adjust the percentage value within the Constant WizTool.

If you require assistance feel free to contact our client support team at Support@Prodigiorts.com

New Features?

You can always come to the Prodigio forums to keep up on the software. We've gotten a lot of great ideas from you, and would like to hear more! Please note that we're making infrastructure improvements all the time!

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How to use the Capture WizTool

The Capture WizTool captures the input "# Value" when the input "T/F When" signal is true and then passes this value through the output. If the input "T/F When" signal is false then the output value is the "Init" (initial) value the user manually enters into the designated field. Once a value is captured the output of the Capture WizTool will continue to return the output value of the previous capture event until the input of the "T/F When" is true again. Read more.

MACD Histogram Crossover

This image will show you how to create a MACD Histogram Crossover. A MACD Histogram crossover is basically when the MACD Histogram crosses above or below zero. It is typically a buy signal when the MACD Histogram crosses above zero and a sell signal when it crosses below zero. The top half of the image will show you the cross above zero and the lower half of the image will show you the cross below zero.