Order Book, Level II Market Data, and Depth of Market

Prodigio's ActiveTrader offers the most comprehensive level II quotes, time and sales, order entry, charting, P/L and more, all from one panel. At a glance see a display of all open market participant buy and sell orders and volume on the order book giving you detailed insight on price movement and market trends. Try it now for free.

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Prodigio's ActiveTrader combines Level II, real-time intra-day charts and Time & Sales.



ActiveTrader's Level II provides a ranked list of the best bid and ask prices from each Market Maker and ECN participant, giving you detailed insight into short term price action.


See every trade time, price and size that occurs in real-time with Prodigio's Time and Sales. Identify momentum direction behind price moves, spot accumulation or selling price levels from market participants. A must for every trader!


Manage orders and take action with single click trading so you can join bid, ask, flatten or reverse a position. Easily manage risk by quickly setting targets, trailing stops and stop orders with one click for protecting positions.


View customizable timeframes, map trends with drawling tools, see real-time and past price movement, modify open orders and select from over 200 customizable indicators. All this and more without ever leaving the ActiveTrader panel.