TradeVision - Technical and Fundamental Stock Screener

TradeVision is a state of the art real-time technical and fundamental scanning tool.

Filter thousands of stocks, ETFs, Funds, preferred stocks and Indices in seconds, by any parameters you choose. With over 2000 unique scanning elements offering infinite scanning possibilities, TradeVision is the most powerful scanning system available. Try it now for free.

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Prodigio's TradeVision features 5 categories providing you with real-time results in a matter of seconds! TradeVision is the top stock scanner for every investor.



Begin by selecting your universe of symbols, exchanges, indices, shortable stocks, optionable stocks, desired price range, average trading volume, today's trading volume and market cap to scan and filter out non qualified results instantly.


Further filter your scan by selecting price events, gainers, losers, pullbacks, Fibonacci retracements, bounces, highs, lows, trends, volume spikes and zones and more.


Drill down and further filter stocks using an extensive offering of upper and lower technical studies like Bollinger Bands, RSI, Keltner Channels, Linear Regression Channels and Simple Moving Averages just to name a few.


Identify single or multi-bar Japanese Candlestick patterns across the entire stock market with a simple click of your mouse, after filtering those overbought or oversold symbols.


The cornerstone of investing is Fundamental analysis so why not know what a company's financial health is? Filter by Dividends, PE Ratio, Beta, EPS, Sales, COGS, Cash Flow, Net Income, and much more.


Fully customize your qualified results list and easily add your own technical, fundamental or filter criteria inline to create your very own real time Red Light - Green Light alert system! Making it so easy to see when the already filtered list meets your added criteria. Once you've identified your desired symbol, simply chart and trade with a single click of the Load button in the Trade Now column.